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Professional Security Guard and Private Investigator Training in Toronto

Get trained by Toronto’s longest-running security training school. Broaden your skillset and get hired as a security guard or private investigator within weeks of being licenced.


We are highly renowned and registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and Licenced by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Private Security and Investigative Services Branch. Learn More


The Centre for Security Training & Management Inc. offers a large variety of courses with experienced instructors that focus on educating and training security guards and private investigators. Learn More


The CSTMI has over 16 years of experience in educating and training professionals. Given the team’s expertise, the CSTMI has audited contracts with government agencies and is highly recommended by credible organizations. Learn More

The Most Trusted School for Security Guard and Private Investigator Training in Toronto

The Most Trusted School for Security Guard and Private Investigator Training. As protectors of people, property and information inside companies and institutions, security guards must undergo proper skills training to be deemed qualified for the job. Every security guard has to be well-versed in ensuring high-level building security for the protection of people, property and information.

Professional training is a must for aspiring security guards to earn the trust of their employers. A formal training conducted by a reputable government approved school for security guard training is pivotal in equipping security guards to uphold the safety and survival of the people they’re called to serve and protect.

Nowadays, there’s a steady flow of demand for security guard applicants who are licensed and have strong credentials under their belt. It takes a keen knowledge of security legislation, security guard authorities, security procedures and self-defence to be relevant in the job market.

When it comes to comprehensive security guard training programs in the GTA, Centre for Security Training & Management Inc. (CSTMI) is your most reliable ally. In our 21 years in the industry we have trained thousands of students who have gone on to get their security guard and private investigator licenses and obtain employment in the security industry. Our mission is to produce highly skilled security personnel across Toronto and beyond.

The Security Guard & Private Investigator Trainer in the GTA that Leads to Employment

We don’t just provide skills training; with our advanced in-class and online security guard and private investigator training, we equip our trainees to ace the ministry exams. Over 95% of CSTMI trainees have successfully earned their license and landed a job after completing their training.

If required, we at no extra charge will support you with additional help you until you pass the Ministry Exam. You have the option to retake any part of our courses as many times as you need FREE of charge.

On top of our affordable security guard training, CSTMI is the only school that offers our security guard students a half-day of defence tactics and handcuff training. In our private investigator course, we offer practical sessions on surveillance training and statement taking to make sure all our trainees stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Sharpen your skills and secure your future with us. At CSTMI, we prepare you for the real job and help you achieve it.

For inquiries on security guard and private investigator training, call us at the following numbers: (416) 750-4747 or toll free at 1 (866) 297-0003. You can also write us a quick message, and we’ll get back to you with complete information on the next class and a registration form to get you on the list.


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  • I couldn’t be more pleased. Deciding on security as a new career I chose this Centre based on their outstanding reputation and they didn’t disappoint. They exceeded any and all expectations that I might have had. Pinpoint classroom instruction communicated in a professional setting allowed everyone to engage in healthy dialogue and debate to really drive the message home. Hands on interaction, role play and real life simulations helped train me to leave there confident and excited about my new role. Special shout out to Bev, Mike and Fred, the 3 stars of the show.

    Steven Melee
  • Great courses. Great staff. Best reputation in the GTA. As a result, grads of the Centre for Security Traing and Management are sought out by good employers, and have little difficulty finding meaningful jobs. Would recommend 100%.

    Glenn M. Johnson
  • I chose them because of the great reviews that preceded me and I was not let down! Retired Police officer Doug Sansom is truly the star of the show and his instructional style is both engaging and informative. He has decades of policing experience and that is what stood out for both the security and PI training courses. Stephanie is an amazing bubbly person who does it all. Bev is thorough and extremely helpful. I received everything I was promised to the T and I would recommend anyone seeking a career in security or PI work should choose the Centre for Security Training and Management!

    Aksharan Mahendra
  • Great Experience. first I want to thanks Mike for been an amazing instructor. who uses A+'s methods of teaching, that makes a lot easier for us students to understand the subjects. I recommend this company to anyone who has a passion for becoming a security guard or someone looking for something fun and useful to explore.

    Weliton Dias
  • To be truthful, this training has changed my life, the way of thinking and made me realise what can i do and how can i better serve this country as a security guard. All credit goes to my instructor Mr. Mike who has become a role model for us and taught us a professional vocation. last but not the least, it provided me with an opportunity of career advancement .

    Asad Khan
  • I had a nice and good experience during my training at centre for security training and management inc.. the experience was worth waiting for .. the staffs there are diligent and they trained us to be diligent and always know what we are doing .. thanks centre for security training for making me who I am .. I finally found myself 🤙

    Kazeem Kanyinsola
  • I had enrolled at a different training centre before my friend recommended the Centre for Security Training and Management Inc. I am so grateful to have gone through this college and i feel so accomplished and ready for a Security guard job. Thanks to the management and to my Instructors Mike and Fred. You guys are so knowledgeable at what you do! I would recommend anyone to this college.

    Kabunga Dennis
  • I would highly recommend this program over any online course available if you're looking to get your security licence. Thanks to their fantastic instructors I passed the ministry exam with a 94%. Their final test more than prepares you for the actual ministry exam. The instructors were hands on, helpful, and passionate. Worth the drive in from Oakville everyday.

    Alexx Turner
  • Great courses. Great staff. Best reputation in the GTA. As a result, grads of the Centre for Security Traning and Management are sought out by good employeers, and have little difficulty finding meaningful jobs. Would recommend 100%

    Glenn M. Johnson
  • It's a best place to get knowledge and exprience in security Guards training and they also have the best instructors in Canada. I will always tell people about the center.

    Babatunde Alonge