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Security Guard License Training in Toronto

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There are several qualifications for becoming a security guard or private investigator; one of the most important is qualifying for the license. Being a licensed security guard requires meeting strict standards to ensure the job is done well. If you are looking for a training course for security license in Ontario, check out the Centre for Security Training and Management Inc.

We understand that providing security services is a major responsibility; it takes training and preparation to do the job well. When we serve our clients, we want to go above and beyond the call of duty. We offer security guard training to help you apply for a security guard license in Toronto, along with a wide range of courses to help you prepare for your duties. Preparedness is key, and having all the skills integral to the job enables you to prepare for the unexpected and keep yourself sharp.

Earn Your Ontario Security License from Former Police Officers and Experienced Security Guards

Our security license training is led by a team of former Toronto Police officers and Experienced Security Guards to instruct you in all the tricks of the trade. Protecting clients is no joke, and you’re better off learning from the best. Learning the basics of security (e.g. self-defence) serves as a good foundation for the rest, and helps you prepare for carrying out the job at a high level. Training with veteran officers allows you to learn from their real-world experience. Our training course lets you learn from people who have seen it all. Our trainers offer hands-on training for maximum effectiveness. We also cultivate active, confident personnel. Our courses emphasize active participation to help challenge you to think outside the box. Once you’re on the job, you’ll be equipped with the tools to help keep you motivated on the job and performing at 100%.

Training is comprehensive to cover different situations


Acquire a Well-Rounded Skill Set

We believe in preparing our team to be well-rounded. To that end, we also offer other courses to empower you to excel at the job. For example, we offer first-aid and CPR training. As a security guard, your job is to protect and serve, and these skills help make you better at doing just that. One aspect of the job that generally goes unmentioned is writing good reports. This part of the job may sound mundane, but it’s vital to collecting all the relevant data needed for the job. Your reports are vital for establishing good communications with the client and fostering a sense of professionalism. Your training includes instruction on how to write good reports to help log what happens on a day-to-day basis.

Achieve the Highest Job Standards

Part of being a professional security guard is maintaining a high standard of service, whether the client requires it or not. At the Centre for Security Training and Management Inc., we pride ourselves on training our staff to the highest standards. We impart that strong sense of professionalism to all our personnel. It’s not enough that you pick up the basics; we also drive you to excel and do the job with a sense of pride. Being a security guard takes commitment. When you decide to apply for a security guard license in Toronto, it’s important you have the proper training and tools to do the job well. Preparedness is essential to keeping your client safe and protecting your own life at the same time. With a good grasp of the foundations, you’ll be ready to provide high-end security wherever it’s needed. Call us at (416) 750-4747 to start training and earn that Ontario security guard license.