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Online Security Guard and Private Investigator Training Throughout Ontario

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The Centre for Security Training and Management is a highly accredited Private Career College that specializes in professional protective services and security training. We have years of experience in providing excellent online security guard and private investigator training courses throughout Ontario. Our highly experienced team of security professionals educates and trains you using modern and the most current method of learning to help you acquire the Ministry-approved security guard license.


Online Training for Security Guards and Private Investigators in Toronto


Get your dream security job immediately right after acquiring your license.

At the Centre for Security Training and Management, we train our students with the ins and outs of security and private investigations to mould them into highly competent security professionals in the future. Our 22nyears of experience in the security industry and our commitment to providing students with the highest education and services, affordable pricing, and professional support have made us the primary choice of students and employers alike. Our comprehensive online training coursesprovide both email and telephone support. If you are planning to pursue a career as a security guard or private investigator, turn to us!

If you are interested in our online security guard or private investigator courses check out our security guard and private investigator web pages and follow the appropriate links to register and make payment.