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Steps to Becoming a Full-Fledged Private Investigator

Steps to Becoming a Full-Fledged Private Investigator

Perhaps you should consider a career as a private investigator. This is an exciting career field that allows you to work in multiple fields and be able to hone your skills in piecing together bits of information in order to come to a logical conclusion.

While the career of a private investigator may be exciting, it is very much different from what Hollywood would like to show. As a professional private investigator, you have to adhere to a strict code of conduct, always leaning to the side of ethical and moral undertakings in order to complete the task.

So then, how do you become a full-fledged private investigator?

Why Do People Hire Private Investigators?

There are many reasons why people might hire a PI

Before we talk about the steps you need to take in order to become a full-fledged private investigator, let’s talk about why people might hire their services in the first place.

Information gives knowledge and knowledge is power. More often than not, people who avail of the services of a PI are not necessarily suspicious or doubtful; they just want a professional to look into the different situations and help them make an informed decision.

  • Investments

Deciding on which prospect you’re willing to gamble your resources in is risky. Even the most stable and practical options can take a turn for the worst. This is why some investors hire private investigators. They want PIs to help them make better decisions when it comes to which business opportunity they should put their stakes on.

Private investigators can look into the history of businesses, their past track record, and whether they’ve been compliant with government regulations or not, or even simply the investment history of these businesses.

Private investigators have the necessary skill set to help investors make informed decisions, thereby maximizing their opportunities.

  • Hiring Personnel for Sensitive Positions

Large companies will have positions that will have sensitive requirements. As such, their hiring process will be extremely stringent. These businesses can get the services of a PI to help look into the history of applicants and single out those that have a good and trustworthy professional track record.

As a private investigator working on this, you will have to look into the detailed professional histories of these applicants, their other professional commitments and affiliations, and even their criminal backgrounds. 

  • Security Consultation

More often than not, people will hire private investigators solely for their expertise in security. Private investigators have the necessary knowledge not just on the physical security of assets but also in securing digital files, human resources, and other important aspects of a business.

  • Cases of Fraud

Whether you’re a corporation or an individual, there’s a good chance you’ve been or will be a victim of fraud at some point in your life. Fraud is a highly common crime that can be committed in a variety of ways.

If you’ve been the victim of banking, check, or dating fraud, or if you’ve been the victim of copyright infringement, a private investigator can assist you with the investigation.

Steps to Becoming a Private Investigator

If you’re looking into becoming a private investigator but don’t know the necessary steps to take in order to become one, this short guide will give you insight into the field.

  • Research the Necessary Requirements to Get Certified

Private investigators are regulated by the Ministry

Depending on the location, there may be varying requirements to fulfill in order to become certified as a private investigator. Some will even require college degrees in order to get a certification. It would be best to look into the different requirements of your province to get a better look at the qualifications you need to fulfill. 

  • Get the Necessary Education and Training

Getting the necessary training is vital to becoming a licensed PI

The importance of private investigator training cannot be overstated. It is vital that you enroll yourself in a credible education and training facility in order to become a certified Private Investigator. Some areas will require training and certification from an accredited institution so it would be best to look into the legitimate training programs.

Not only will you get an education on the different techniques and strategies to becoming a private investigator, but you will also get an education on the legal aspect of the job. You will be taught the private investigator code of practice and the code of ethics and standards of practice.

They will also prepare you for the examination and certification in order to get your PI license.

  • Get Your Private Investigator License

Passing the private investigator’s licensing exam is a big step to becoming a PI

Private Investigators may be involved in sensitive work and are regulated. This ensures that private investigators always work within legal boundaries.

In order to get a license as a PI, you will need to take and pass a private investigator exam. This exam will cover the necessary knowledge that you will need to build a practice. The coverage will often include information gathering, Law, Legal Procedures, Code of Ethics, documentation and court preparation,  and more. Additionally, you will also have to pass a thorough background check in order to get your Private Investigator License.

Additional certification and background checks may be necessary as you progress through your career and start handling even more sensitive cases. For those that would want to work with government agencies, they may need to secure a Top Secret Clearance depending on how sensitive the work will be.

  • Establish a Professional Practice

Be sure to establish a clean professional practice

It may be a while before you handle more sensitive cases, but rest assured that the time you spend doing simpler cases will help build the experience you need to handle more complex issues.

It is important that you establish an ethical and professional practice as your track record may reflect on the kind of work you perform as a private investigator

  • Acquire Additional Skillset

Acquiring additional skills will allow you a more diverse capability in your cases

As you go through your career as a PI, gaining more and more experience, it will be necessary to widen your skillset. This may involve developing proficiency in many fields such as business, law, technology, security, and self-defense.

The more diverse your skillset is, the more diverse the cases you can handle as well. Aside from the fact that this does take you out of a routine, it would also widen your clientele.

Choosing the Right Private Investigator Training Program

Your journey to becoming a private investigator will start with your education and training. The law requires sufficient education and training from ministry-accredited institutions, which is why it is important that you look into the best programs.

If you’re looking into starting a career in becoming a Private Investigator, turn to the Centre for Security Training and Management Inc. We provide private investigator training in Ontario. Call us at (416) 750-4747 or email us at info@centreforsecurity.com.