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Industries Hiring Private Investigators

Industries Hiring Private Investigators

The private investigator industry provides valuable information collection services to businesses and consumers. Industry operators provide a wide range of services to generate revenue, including locating missing persons, running background checks, gathering corporate information, investigating fraud or performing general surveillance on targets of interest. Find out about the types of industries that regularly turn to the services of private investigators.

The Banking Industry

Professional private investigators have long been in demand in the banking industry. This is due to the fact that banks deal with significant sums of money. This money is then loaned to people who apply for it. However, many banks will occasionally hire a private investigator before they grant applications.

When it comes to awarding loans, private investigators assist banks with risk assessments, particularly for applicants who may have a strong credit score but are facing other business troubles.

Banks will also use private investigators to help them track down debtors who are delinquent on their payments.

Human Resources

Larger companies’ human resources departments understand the importance of hiring employees who will benefit the company and positively reflect the brand. As a result, hiring a private investigator to conduct a thorough background check and dig a little deeper is extremely advantageous.

To begin, private investigators obtain basic information such as prior employment verification, credit history, and criminal history, all of which are critical to your company’s success. Second, private investigators can go a little deeper into a candidate’s resume to ensure that all of the information is correct. They can determine whether the candidate did the following:

  • Extending employment dates
  • Exaggerating past achievements and skills
  • Increasing the value of titles and responsibilities
  • Fabricating degrees and exaggerating education

Finally, credit reports can be obtained by private detectives. 

Lawyers and Legal Firms

Lawyers hire private investigators to help legally obtain evidence

Professional private investigators frequently assist lawyers in properly arguing their claims. They are well-known for their methodical and rigorous approach to uncovering key individuals in order to locate people and assets.

Lawyers who collaborate with a private investigator may be able to identify novel and successful ways to improve their chances of winning a case.

  • Locating Individuals

Lawyers understand that time is of the essence in any legal case, and that the appropriate information is critical. As a result, it’s crucial to find the personnel needed to move the case forward as swiftly and effectively as possible.

A private investigator can assist you in identifying and locating the individuals you need to interview, serve, or investigate.

  • Finding Assets

    Assets can be used as critical evidence in a lawsuit. Asset investigations can aid in the settlement of personal injury cases, the collection of debt, and the confirmation of financial records during a divorce or a child support dispute. A private investigator can also assist lawyers in locating bank accounts and offshore accounts that may be strategically disguised.

  • Implementing Judgment Recovery

    When a court issues a judgment for damages, it can be difficult to ensure that the payment is made. In circumstances where the debtor, person, or company responsible for paying the money owed for damages attempts to conceal their assets, refuse to pay, or just disappear to avoid payment, a private investigator can help.

Safety Professionals

Knowing how to save money for the organization is essential to a safety manager. Eliminating bogus claims is one method to accomplish this.

To combat fraud, you need to hire private investigators.

Surveillance of fraudulent workers’ compensation claims can be done by private detectives. Obtaining compromising footage, as well as a full report of a fraudulent claimant’s activity, can make claims disappear overnight. Safety professionals who collaborate with a knowledgeable and experienced surveillance expert can help achieve this goal.

Landlords or Property Owners

Renting your property to bad tenants is a problem. Hiring an investigator helps mitigate the risk of renting to untrustworthy renters.

That’s your property that you’re allowing someone else to live in, so you have a vested interest in making sure it’s not torn to pieces once the lease expires. Vetting your tenants upfront can help to ensure you collect your rent check every month and alleviate property damage concerns.

Private investigators can help by conducting a background check on your potential tenant to find criminal records, prior evictions, civil suits, and bad credit. Searches like this will paint a picture of your potential tenant on the front end. From there, you can make the decision to rent to them or hold off and wait for a better candidate to come along.

Business Owners

Business owners hire private investigators to help them with risk analysis
Business owners want to make sure their business interests are protected. They also want to determine if they’re getting into business with the right partners.

Hiring private investigator services to conduct a business background check on a client’s business partner, a.k.a a due diligence search helps to evaluate the quality of a business partnership.

You’ll want to know what kind of credit both the candidate and the business have, a list of their business assets, the business representative, any negative media associated with the business, and any other past issues.

Businesses also use private investigators to conduct security and integrity audits.

For example, a private investigator can do anything from investigating the security of a building or inspecting the quality of service at a restaurant. Private investigators can follow salespeople to learn if they’re regularly attending their sales meetings, stake out bars and clubs to make sure the staff isn’t stealing from the register, and attempt to (legally) “break into” data storage companies to test the efficacy of their data protection protocols.

Get the Proper Training

The career outlook for private investigators is booming and this will only continue to grow. However, you can’t just go out and buy a notepad and magnifying glass and get started. You need proper training and certification.

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