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Importance of Security Guards During the Pandemic

Importance of Security Guards During the Pandemic

Security guards play a vital role as frontline workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to keeping buildings safe from crime, they also contribute to the efforts of limiting the spread of the virus within their area of responsibility. 

In fact, there has been an increased demand for security personnel. We’ve listed some reasons why a security guard’s job is important especially during the pandemic:

  • Support for the medical community

Security guards can help the medical community curb the spread of the virus

The rising positive cases of COVID-19 are overwhelming the hospitals around the globe. They need the support and cooperation of the public in the fight against the virus. To help flatten the curve, security guards are responsible for making sure that people within a certain establishment follow safety procedures like hand-washing, social distancing, and wearing masks. It is also their job to monitor individuals for symptoms by carefully observing them. In hospitals, one of the duties of a security guard is to make sure that the quarantine area does not admit unauthorized entry.

  • Securing properties

During the pandemic, some companies have closed their offices and are letting their employees work from home. Part of the duties and responsibilities of a security guard is to make sure that all assets and properties of the company are safe and intact even during a temporary closure. This is to ensure that a company can immediately return to normal operations once the office doors open once again.

  • Enforce the rules

Security guards ensure that the public follows safety measures, like wearing masks

Not everyone is inclined to follow rules, no matter how simple they are or how important to the safety of the community. It is the role of a security guard to calmly call their attention, explain the importance of such measures, enforce compliance, and evict offenders should they refuse to do so. By educating people on the importance of the rules, people will understand the impact of strictly following them. A small violation may further the spread exponentially. With security guards doing their jobs in compelling that the public to be socially responsible, it can create a safe zone for everyone involved.

  • Encouraging visitors or clients to enter the premises

Many have become averse to entering any public space — even essential areas like the grocery shop. An establishment filled with people that do not practice the bare minimum safety measures, like wearing a mask, can surely discourage others from entering. This, in turn, can impact the business negatively. With a security guard enforcing the rules, the public can rest assured that protocols are being implemented in the establishment, reducing their misgivings of entering a building. 

  • Detering criminal behaviour

The presence of security guards can discourage criminals

With the COVID-19 pandemic, negatively affecting the economy, closing businesses, and leaving many unemployed, it’s understandable that many maybe concerned regarding criminal behaviour.

While there has been no established trends regarding the occurrence of crime during the pandemic, the presence of security guards and surveillance measures remain crucial. They can deter certain criminal activities like illegal entry, shoplifting, and theft. However, having a security guard patrolling the premises may not be enough. Security personnel must confidently exude an aura of vigilance. Experienced criminals can tell when someone is distracted and take advantage of their inattention. This is the reason why security guard training is important.

  • Handling of emergencies

Security guards also play a role as first responders. They are expected to be the first to react and take control of critical situations, including emergencies. Unexpected situations, like a pickpocket making their getaway or a customer fainting, can happen at any place and at any time. 

Before the pandemic, if a person experiences an emergency in the premises, any passerby can easily approach them to offer first aid services. However, with the pandemic, the simple act of giving first aid or even offering assistance should not be done without much consideration. A security guard is trained for such situations. They can take immediate action, like provide compression-only CPR or call for medical help. They can also interview witnesses when they relay the necessary information to to the emergency medical technicians (EMTs) once they arrive.

What Are the Main Duties of a Security Guard?

Security personnel need a variety of skills

In addition to the additional duties brought about by the pandemic, the primary duties of security guard are as follows:

  • Act as the first responder during emergencies
  • Call for help when needed
  • Enforce safety precautions
  • Follow and enforce company policies
  • Assist customers and guests
  • Maintain order
  • Make daily and incident reports
  • Be vigilant and maintain a security presence
  • Secure all assets and properties

Why Is Security Guard Training Important?

Because security guards have a wide range of parts to play, they need the necessary knowledge and skills to do the job effectively.

  • Heightened awareness of risks or threats

A trained security guard and private investigator can easily identify red flags or bad situations and can prevent them from happening. Being vigilant or observant, security personnel can single out suspicious-looking individuals. During the pandemic, a security guard can also help identify people who exhibit symptoms of the COVID-19. They can immediately isolate the said individual and call for medical assistance.

  • Fast decision and reaction

Trained security personnel can react quickly because they are trained to determine the right course of action in certain situations. A fast reaction time is vital during medical emergencies when a slight delay can affect the survival of the individual. Security guard training can also help them to maintain calm and stability under pressure. This will give them the confidence in the face of risky situations.

  • Awareness of the law including the code of conduct

Security personnel who are trained to make the right call so they don’t make mistakes that warrant legal procedures. An untrained guard may subject your company to a lawsuit if they make the wrong move. Other courses, like the proper use of force and sensitivity training, will equip the guard with sufficient knowledge on how to approach and solve any type of situation.

Are Security Guard Jobs Dangerous?

The tasks of a security guard can place them in dangerous them in harm’s way in order to keep the assets, property, and people to be safe and secure. However, with the right training, such dangers can be minimized or avoided altogether. 

Having a well-trained security force can be the difference between liability and creating a safe and secure environment for businesses. If you are interested in becoming a security guard or run a team of security personnel, The Center for Security Training & Management Inc. can provide the necessary training. We offer a wide variety of training programs, from first aid training to defensive tactics. 

For your convenience, we offer an online program as well for the security guard and private investigator courses. Call us now at (416) 750-4747 or get in touch via email at info@centreforsecurity.com.