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9 Reasons You Need a Private Investigator Now

9 Reasons You Need a Private Investigator Now

When it comes to private investigators, fictional “private eyes” tend to come to mind. In real life, the job may be much less fantastic, but it’s a necessary one all the same. These days, it can help to have a private investigator lend a hand, especially when you have claims in court and accurate information is essential to your case.

Skills and Talent

Turn to the pros when you need security and investigation

One thing a professional brings to the table is the skill they’ve learned as part of their job. Private investigators for hire are, therefore, trained to develop the investigative skills needed to ensure they get the information they need.

In addition to those all-important investigative skills, private investigators are also relied upon to back up the veracity of what they discover (often in court). Private investigator courses stress the importance of a clean and professional appearance, and the ability to be clear and concise when detailing the information they have — giving these professionals the right skillset to defend clients.

Like with other services, it’s generally best to leave detailed work to the professionals to ensure a job well done.

How You Can Use a Private Investigator

At times, situations emerge where you may ask “Where can I find a private investigator near me?” to help ferret out the truth. Here are a few ways you could use a private investigator’s blend of skills to get the facts and figure out your next move.

PIs can help check companies’ and persons’ backgrounds

1. Background Checks

When it comes to business deals, it’s generally a good idea to make sure prospective partners are trustworthy. Like persons, businesses have pasts, and a private investigator can perform background checks to help verify that you’re working with a reputable entity. Investigators can do some digging to see if the other company has a history of not honouring contracts that can make you wary of working with them.

Private investigators can also do work that’s closer to home, in the form of checking the background of prospective employees. Running background checks on new hires is standard issue for many companies, but a private investigator can provide a more comprehensive check for greater effectiveness. It’s always important to test your new hires are being honest, and a private investigator is just the thing to screen your employees and ensure they’re qualified.

Do some checks while dealing with prospective tenants

2. Tenant Screening

One vital part of being a landlord is tenant screening. When you make arrangements with people to live on your properties for some time, it’s important you verify how trustworthy they are first. Contact a private investigator to find out about your prospective tenant’s legal status and job to help determine whether you can trust them around your property. With their skills, an investigator can also do some digging and find out whether a person has an eviction record, which is a huge red flag for a possible tenant. As a landlord, it’s crucial you only rent out to tenants you can trust as a way of protecting your property.

Reach out to private investigators for help with identity theft

3. Identity Theft

Having your personal information stolen is a traumatic experience best avoided altogether. If you suspect your personal data has been stolen and used for fraudulent purposes, a private investigator can be an ideal approach to solving the problem.

An investigator can track down the perpetrator and help you create a report to take to law enforcement. More importantly, they can also share vital identity theft security tips to protect you in the future.


4. Personal Injury Claims

In case of an injury in an accident or at the workplace, it’s important to get all the facts for the investigation. Gathering all the evidence you can find is a great way to strengthen your case and provide proof that you really are severely injured. A private investigator has the expertise to find whatever information you need to strengthen your claim. Whether it’s locating witnesses or gathering records, an investigator provides a helping hand toward gathering all the evidence you need to push your claim, whichever side of the case you may be on.


5. Infidelity investigation

When you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, the next step for most people is surveillance, which is where a PI comes in. Private investigators are also trained to gather evidence discreetly to help confirm your suspicions.

During an infidelity investigation, for example, PI’s can access deleted information from your family computer or take photo and video evidence to determine if your partner has been cheating on you. Dealing with infidelity is a painful dilemma, but private investigators deal with similar problems regularly and can offer you a way to deal with the issue and get some closure.


6. Child Custody

Child custody battles are traumatic for everyone, but it’s important to do what’s best for the kids. To get the best deal for your children and their well-being, it’s crucial you have compelling facts that prove you’re the right choice. A PI can gather that evidence and strengthen your case. Sometimes, the facts can be hidden behind closed doors, requiring a professional who can find the evidence and build your case. More importantly, a private investigator has the expertise to know which facts are admissible in court, allowing you to present a stronger case. Finally, a PI can also serve as a witness in court and provide a first-hand account of the facts to back your case.


7. Insurance Fraud


Insurance fraud can represent a significant loss to many companies, making the services of a PI vital to reaching the truth. Insurance fraud can often involve stretching the truth to flat out committing intentional damage and injury. A trained private investigator has the training and skills to catch criminals in the act. Investigators can discreetly take photos of people claiming to have mobility issues playing sports and other similar cases

Contact one to help uncover the truth of a claim and ensure it’s a valid one.


8. Locating Specific People

One common job for many private investigators is locating missing people, particularly missing relatives. It can sound difficult to find someone, especially if aren’t any obvious leads, but PIs know how to put everything together.

From interviewing previous acquaintances to checking particular databases, finding missing people is much easier for investigators than anyone else. Private investigators are trained to use public records to deduce new names, addresses, and social security numbers. When it comes to missing person cases, a private investigator has a better chance than anyone.

Investigators can retrieve data from devices and collect the evidence

9. Digital Forensics

In the past, it was usually easier to hide incriminating evidence (e.g. by burning compromising documents). However, in the digital age, it’s much harder to hide data, even when it’s been deleted. Digital data never really gets deleted if you know where to look.

Data can be recovered more easily from devices, whether it’s been stored on a phone or computer, or if it’s floating around on social media sites or the cloud. Private investigators have data forensics training and equipment to recover vital data hidden on devices. This information can often make or break a case, making a skilled investigator a worthwhile investment.

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