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8 Industries for Trained Security Guards

8 Industries for Trained Security Guards

Businesses in all industries benefit from security guards. Professionally trained security staff are the first and most effective line of defense. With the rise of new industries in recent years, new security concerns have evolved, making the position of the security guard even more critical for the protection of people and property.

The Bureau of Statistics recognizes the security industry’s consistent growth. According to their research, security professional employment will grow by around 5% over the next five years.

Because of the field’s continuing growth and the rise of new companies that need professional security guards, there is more variety for individuals entering the arena.

If you want to work in security or advance your career, you might want to find out which industries are hiring. Some of the industries that are starting to hire more security guards than ever before are listed below. Although not exhaustive, these areas provide new chances for specialization and training for both new and experienced security guards.

Educational Institutions

We hear about another horrific shooting at a school or institution all too often. This terrible pattern has increased the need for children and educators to be protected across the country. Security threats exist in every school. Attacks on elementary schools are just as likely as attacks on higher education campuses.

Anyone entering an educational institution can benefit from the services of specially trained security guards. They can spot suspicious people and behaviours, as well as control entrance to the school, to avoid shootings, clashes, riots, and other threats to those on the premises. The mere presence of well-trained security personnel, whether armed or unarmed, can be sufficient to impede a threat before anyone is put in danger.

Large Special Events

Music festivals, sporting events, and other major gatherings are particularly vulnerable to threats. These events have become targets for those seeking to cause harm, make a point, or simply cause mayhem.

Following high-profile assaults in recent years, such as those in Paris and Las Vegas, event planners have realized how critical security is to the success of their events. Security guards with specialized training for sporting events, concerts, and festivals are in high demand. Large crowds and entry points can be managed by event security officers, who can also validate credentials and check for dangerous or prohibited objects. Security guards that are trustworthy and skilled can assist such events, avoid tragedies, and save countless lives.

Dining Establishments

A security guard has always been present at the entrance to a drinking and dining establishment. Thieves and vandals frequently target fast-food businesses because they believe they are easy targets, especially those that are open late at night.

Viral recordings showing altercations between employees and patrons, or between patrons and other patrons, reveal that experienced security guards are needed to reduce these threats and maintain order. As a fast-food restaurant owner or manager, a dedicated security guard from a reputable security guard firm may help you prevent a costly lawsuit or negative publicity that could harm your business and reputation.

Healthcare Industry

The purpose of healthcare industries is to provide the public with the best healthcare service possible. However, healthcare service providers should also make sure that the establishment is a safe environment for employees, visitors, and patients. The healthcare industry’s security needs are complex. To see to it that the site is secure, it’s necessary to hire security guards who will be assigned specific posts within the premises. They can help with any risk or threat assessment in the building and monitor parking areas as well.

Banking Industry

The banking industry requires excellent security 

The banking industry is one of the biggest clients when it comes to hiring security guards. The services and processes of banks require stringent security measures that they simply cannot scrimp on quality security.

As such, banks will only hire security guards who have undergone quality security guard training from a recognized institution

Construction Sites

In Canada, construction sites can fall prey to those who have ulterior motives. Some criminals access construction sites to steal expensive equipment, cables, tools, supplies and even vehicles. In order to ensure safety in these sites, they will need to hire security guards. Security personnel can help make sure that safety protocols are respected by visitors and suppliers at all times. 


Because the threats in these sectors are higher than in any other industry, Canada’s harbours, seaports, and airports require specialized security services. By controlling what happens in the arrival and departure regions, security officers can aid with traffic flow. They can also be useful when it comes to passenger screening. They will also guarantee that all cars entering and exiting the premises are properly monitored.

Security guards working in these industries are expected to act professionally making sure that they always exercise their power in a courteous manner. They should also be able to resolve conflicts as the need arises.

Be sure to enroll in a credible training institution

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